CALICE-ASIA meetin @ KNU on 2nd Nov. 2011.

CALICE-Asia meeting will be held at Kyungpook National University on 2nd November 2011. We will discuss about mainly test beam data analysis, future R&D plan and software issures.

Tentative agenda items (As of 25th Oct. 2011)

Each 20 min. presentation, and 10 min. question and discussion. Notice that the order will be modified.

  • Test beam data analysis
    • FNAL test beam
      • Review and how to analysis, K.Kotera (Shinshu)
      • Status and plan, K.Adil (KNU)
    • DESY test beam
      • Review and situation (may have draft), S.Uozumi (KNU)
  • Plan for future R&D
    • Korean side
      • WCU or ??, D.Kim (KNU)
    • Japan side
      • Silicon ECAL R&D plan in Kyushu, T.Yoshioka (Kyushu)
      • Scintillator ECAL R&D plan, T.Takeshita (Shinshu)
      • Scintillator sensor, K.Kotera (Shinshu)
  • software issue
    • Strip splitting algorithm and Hybrid ECAL, K.Kotera (Shinshu)
    • ILC and examples (physics cases ?), H.Ono (NDU)