The best thing i can think of is that you can get your date to write down your next appointment, write it down, type it down, it shouldn’t matter, as long as it originated from him or herself and some visible reminder is made. This would lead to more follow up dates and less last minute cancellations. Of course, this would work assuming you were liked enough to get a follow-up date. If you didn’t deserve a follow-up date but was given one, then perhaps it’ll grant you another chance to redeem yourself, or prove yourself again, heh. This is one of the few ways i can convert this business disguised persuasion technique into a way that the dating game could use it. Do tell me if you all can brainstorm other ways that this principle can be applied to the dating game or how this tactic can be improved and i would gladly add to it. I read through every comment and even a short anonymous comment would go a long way to helping me improve this blog post. (:

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