What is Vic in VMware??

Vmware Vsphere Integrated Containers (VIC) is a platform that supports the administrators to deploy and manage the containers within a virtual machine from within Vmware Vspheres Software.

The technology behind the Vmware Vsphere Integrated Containers is named as Project Bonneville. It uses a set of daemons and drivers that helps to speed up the containers deployment within Virtual Machines. The project Bonneville comprises of LightWeight Linux Operating System named “Project Photon’, with the help of Vmware technology called Instant Clone, it allows for the rapid duplication of images. The administrators can oversee and maintain Vmware (https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/vmware-architect) Vsphere integrated containers with the help of existing vsphere Web Client plugin which enables the control of virtual container hosts.

Vmware vsphere introduced the concept of Virtual Container Host, which is called as VCH. VCH is a collection of hardware resources ( RAM, CPU) and tools this enables to control and creation of container services. VCH(Virtual Container Hosts) also provide access to Docker API and it can hold the container images downloaded from the Docker Hub. Docker components run within the container host, and they are not considered as duplicates per container instance.

When the administrator creates a new container it runs on the lightweight VM created within the logical VCH. This Virtual Container Hosts (VCH) contains several light-weighted VMS, which results in many individual containers instances. By this administrators can create multiple Virtual Container Hosts (VCHs) and they can logically separate groups of containers(for development, testing, etc..).

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