JAC - Thanks for asking. I don't know that I ever explained that, so here goes. My cat's real name is Indiana (named after the street I lived on when I adopted her) and for the first 7 years of her life she was known as "Indy."

Then I met Wine Guy and the crazy nicknames began. First he started calling her "Indianapolis." Then it morphed into "Indianapol-puss." Ha ha.

Then, for whatever reason Wine Guy had, he started throwing in a French accent sounding something like "Indian-ah-play-puuu." Pretty fun to say actually if you try to channel Pepe LePew.

It wasn't too long until that just became "ah-play-puu" or even just "ah-play" or, when we were feeling more domestic, Apple (no association intended with Gwyneth/Coldplay baby, thank you very much)

I threw in my little inspiration of random nickname torture and AppleButt was born.

Here are a few variations on our dog Luna's name (all devised organically in the first two months since we adopted her): Lunatic Luna the Tic Luna Poona Tuna Poona Luna the Baboona Moonbeam

And, yes, if you're wondering. Wine Guy does the same nickname thing with me. For some reason it's far less entertaining when the nicknames are aimed at you.

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