Last week you used the word “Take” now you say “I simply make myself available”…hey if you like it, I love it! smh* I hope your “boo boo” knows that Loyalty is not at the top of your list of things to be so he better watch out he may not be THE man in your life!!! This is way too serious for you. You say that when it comes to “men, babies and families its an all out war”? Honey dont you see that there are some underlying issues here, dont fool yourself into thinking that what your family went through has no bearing on what your doing today. But I want everybody to see this; look at how you met your man, through a friend, as normal as can be. You never mentioned anything about scheming and plotting to get him so why are you writing about this. Go live your life and be happy in your long term relationship and stop giving women tips on how to be EVIL. Why are you making it so that we become “homewreckers” so to speak and take on other peoples’ problems?

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Last-modified: 2020-09-23 (水) 01:09:25 (62d)