Great question! Im in the same boat! I could never figure out how to say thanks to a guy in a personal and unique way. The guy Im seeing now is big into rock concerts and big cd collection (and like almost every guy, big music system.) So for Valentines day, Im getting my guy a DVD of a classic rock concert of one of his favorit bands. No mushy-mushy stuff animal or candy.

Dear Kelly, How about expressing that: (1) you have his ‘back’ [figuratively ! literally]; (2) he’s priority 4U as UR4 him [presuming no minor offspring on either side]; (3) his wonderfulness exists in real examples; (4) his potential 4wonder is real and if he hesitates, remind him anything’s possible because you’re near—-even if he’s quadriplegic, he must have a heart’s delight which hints of potential you can suggest. Godspeed & Frolic!

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