Being single can mean many things: fun, spontaneity, independence, loneliness, and even higher living costs. A new article from the Guardian UK says "Who Can Afford to Be Single Now"? It talks about a subject that many married people just don't seem to get, that being alone means you have to handle the bills yourself. That often means higher energy bills, food bills, and then there's that little detail of paying to go out in order to meet someone new!

The other thing is that singles don't seem to hit the bulk or discount grocery stores like married folks do. When I was single I grocery shopped much different. I went out a lot, so often times dinner was a last minute thought. I thought I was saving money by making my own meals, but in reality but not shopping in advance and having things on hand, I was spending much more than I did when I got married.

What are your thoughts? If you're single, how to manage to keep up with the rising costs of living?

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