He claims he has no recollection of it, and that he would never stand me up like that. He seemed hurt that the situation even happened, and genuinely sorry about it. The rest of the night, we spend some time catching up – he asks me if I’m single, or if I’m dating anyone. I played coy and just said with a smile, that I wasn’t dating anyone in particular (I don’t want to make myself seem TOO available, right?). He says he’s also single and briefly tells me about some of his past relationships. We reminisce on old times and old jokes. He buys me a couple of cocktails, and we have a great time. Then the kicker – I ask if he’d like to get together sometime (never mentioning the word “date”) and he backs off a bit saying he’d rather just hang out first. Whatever that means. Is he not interested in dating? Does he want to see what we’re both like after these years? What’s the hurt in one date? People change and after 10 years, we’ve both matured. Who knows what it would be like now? At the end of the night, we exchange numbers. I give him a kiss on the cheek, and I leave. The next morning, I wake up to a few text messages from him apologizing for standing me up years ago. We text back and forth, nothing especially exciting, that morning. So now here I am a few days later, and I can’t stop thinking about him. I’m actively dating other guys hoping to settle down sooner rather than later, as that’s the point I’m at in my life. He’s single too. He didn’t seem overly excited about the idea of a date, but that we could “hang out”. I want to handle this very carefully, since I feel like fate may have something to do with us seeing each other. Never did I think I would see him, let alone spend a night reconnecting. I’ve never thought about anyone else the way I’ve thought about him. And apparently, I’ve been on his mind over the years too. Do I wait for him to call? I don’t want to come off as the clingy 22 year old I once was. I’ve grown into a confident woman. But, I don’t want to let him slip through my fingers. Thoughts?

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