get20 An issue with which the organization has to deal is with change, it is something that occurs daily, how to maintain balance? How to adapt while everything is changing? Here again the concept of the company as a Darwinian reality acquires relevance. As José Antonio Durán Acosta tells us, "As soon as something becomes, its tendency to remain conflicts with its own need to change." The organization, an entity artificially built to achieve an end, lives this reality.

Change is any observed change that remains relatively stable.

It is a proactive transformation process that operates on the organizational culture.

Organizational change has premises that we can state in the following:

Any change that occurs somewhere the company affects it in its entirety, whether or not it is perceived by its members. Change is both a human and a technical challenge. The managers' attitude towards change must be aimed at establishing and maintaining balance in their groups, and favoring the adjustment of each of its members to new circumstances.

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