This concept of loving, sacrificing, and letting go often repeated, edited, and revised. Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Manmarziyaan’ is a more modern and glorified version of HDDCS in this regard.And as much as Taapsee Pannus Rumi stands out as a feminist voice in ‘Manmarziyaan’, HDDCS has to do with Nandini and more than Aishwarya, who brings her timeless beauty to a character who was at risk of falling victim to two strong male characters. And even bigger stars.It’s Aishwarya’s Nandini, and it’s a very personal thought, that inspired Roop from ‘Kalank’ 2019. It’s tough not to see the similarities between HDDCS ” Man Mohini ” and ‘Kalanks’ Rajvaadi Odhni’ – his first songs.;u=1512344

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