I am sure I will hear some flack for this but really think about it…women are the ones who are built with listening skills, more ability to focus and also we exhibit our compassionate side more openly than men do. As human beings, I think it is only right to be compassionate and if someone is pouring their heart out to you – first – estimate the number of drinks/other mood altering substances they have had and second – decide whether you may be the only person this man or woman feels comfortable expressing him/herself to. Think of it as a donation if nothing else. Why not donate 10 or 20 minutes of your time as a service to others who may be suffering inside and less fortunate than you? Just don’t do it if it is going to bring you down too much or make you feel bad. Pray for the person, that always helps.








Wow!!, im 21 and have been in this situation an had no clue what to do, me and this guy talk for like 4and a half hours at a time, 1hour and half the shortest, always talkin about how he feels about stuff and wot not, calls and texts me at all kinds of hours, i liked him so put up with it, it got to the point i assumed he must feel the same way if he likes talkin to me this much so i told him i had feelings for him, he said “hmm…i havent thought about u in that way…”, Jeez!! i know i aint hallie berry bt i know i look good and he himself has complemented me on occasions, how can he have not noticed “all of this” lol, bt seroiusly i was upset and slightly confused till i read this page now it all makes sense…he just dont see me like that…his loss..still shocked about the whole thing though. Great site btw.

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