Empowerment Life Coaching is really starting to take center stage. I have been getting a lot of emails asking what Empowerment is all about.

Everyone needs to empower themselves to feel good about their life and the decision one makes. It is a way of working through old tapes in our heads and breaking patterns to move forward. Through my training we really focused on moving from pathology to creating a vision. It can be explain as follows. When we have problems in a relationship for instance sometimes we focus only on the problem. This can be done through self discovery or therapy. It’s great to understand where your issues come from but what do you do next. Empowering one’s self is to move through the problem and change patterns of behavior or those negative thoughts. It is described as weeding ones garden. If you don’t remove the weeds from the garden and tend to the soil your garden will not grow. And you will need to start over.

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