Not having visited with the Naval A-hole Black Hole in awhile, I explored it for a few minutes while lying in bed, but I just didn't have the heart to embrace it. Actually, I probably had too much heart to embrace it. Either way, I am pleased that it came back at all so I could have the experience of remembering what it is I thankfully forgot.

Yes, Wine Guy called me several minutes later. The night had just gotten away from him and he didn't realize how late it was. Once he did, he found his phone in the other room and called me right away (he didn't even notice that I had already called him until the next day). I chose (rightly) not to tell him about the Black Hole's visit. I just said, "I'm glad you are having a good time. You deserve it." We said our I love yous and goodnights and I settled into bed, happy to be snuggling up with my mom's comforter, my cat, and the warmth of trust surrounding me.

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