Dear Miss Info,

This may seem like Dating 101 stuff, but I'm hoping you'll give us the definitive answer to the question that has plagued men since Alexander Graham Bell first got his patent and waited three days before calling Watson to say, "Come here, I need you!" Namely, when a guy expresses interest in a girl and she gives him her number, how long should he wait before calling?

For decades, we had the three-day rule — you didn't want to wait so long that she forgot about you or got a better offer, but you didn't want to call so quickly that you'd seem desperate, clingy, or lifeless. But we live in sped-up times, and that rule feels passé. (Still, I can kind of follow the reasoning).

There's another factor at play here, namely the day of the week that you get the woman's digits. Even if you're a next-day caller, and you get a number on Friday night, should you really call her on a Saturday? Thanks for tackling this always perplexing question.

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Last-modified: 2020-11-05 (木) 01:20:08 (79d)