In general terms, this process, commonly referred to as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), means that the content (texts and images) is adapted to the criteria and Seo press point servicesfactors that the Google algorithm uses to determine the relevance of the information to the user. This scrutiny, to which the search engine submits any indexed piece, as well as the on-page and off-page context that surrounds it, will ultimately define the respective ranking in the search results.

Optimization for on-page search engines , strongly associated with writing and adapting content for the digital medium , is much more than that. It contemplates several processes and factors, among which stand out,464600.msg4221035.html#msg4221035;sort=realName;start=67920

All of this should be based on the creation of quality , relevant and unique content . To do so, especially with regard to the uniqueness of our content, we must use plagiarism verification tools, such as plagiarism, Small Seo Tools' plagiarism checker or, when we write in English, the most versatile of the writing tools, the Grammarly. In addition to grammatical and spelling correction, tone and style optimization, this tool has a plagiarism checker. It is installed as a browser extension and has a free version and a premium version .

The Url that must be user friendly and contain the keyword ; Keyword density and the frequency with which it is referred proportionally to the overall volume of the content; The loading speed of the website or page; The navigability , network links internal and the rejection rate ; The image optimization and appropriate alt text .;u=2781191;sa=summary;u=2781194;sa=summary

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