One email. Ideally, I prefer to be asked out for coffee in the very first email I receive. That, to me, is a "good sign." No phone calls. No talking. One email. I can tell from his profile whether or not I am interested enough to find out if I like him. keeps fantasies at bay ;).

I agree with Avra. Well, maybe a few of emails over 2 weeks at most, but I'm not in the mood to tell details of my life to a total stranger quizzing me online. I do not understand why a man will keep writing and not want to meet. Before giving up on someone, I will write that if he would like to meet sometime, please let me know. After that, I often don't receive another email from the guy. What is going on here? Am I being too forward, are they just wanting to have a fantasy relationship online, or what?

EXACTLY, Avra! 3 email exchanges at the most, and then if they don't ask me out, I'm not interested! I do NOT do long-distance – it's a FANTASY!

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