Happy Holidays. Tip back a glass of wine and let your eyes tell the tale of what’s actually going on in your head/heart/bellybutton area. And, don’t forget to touch a little, that always helps. Physical cues are the best. Good luck!

Heather - good flirting tips! Here are a few more: 1) Smile, hold eye contact 2-3 seconds, gracefully turn away 2) Catch someone’s eye while looking over your shoulder 3) Play with your necklace or earrings 4) Drink with a straw, then play iwth it in your drink 5) Cross your legs, and dangle your shoe from the foot-leg that’s on top

Body language - these are non-verbal cues that say, “It’s OK to approach me - I won’t bite your head off if you come to say hello.” Have Fun and Happy New Year!

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