*KYUSHU-RCAPP Preprints [#k8fe9f7b]
Hajime Fukuda, Natsumi Nagata, Hidetoshi Otono, and Satoshi Shirai,
"Role of Disappearing Track Searches at the LHC and Future Colliders"
Hayato Ito, Osamu Jinnouchi, Takeo Moroi, Natsumi Nagata, Hidetoshi Otono,
"Extending the LHC Reach for New Physics with Sub-Millimeter Displaced Vertices"
Natsumi Nagata, Hidetoshi Otono, Satoshi Shirai,
"Concerning Compressed Gluino at the LHC"
Ken-ichi Okumura, Hiroshi Suzuki,
"Fermion number anomaly with the fluffy mirror fermion"
Hidetoshi Otono,
"soLenoid and time projectioN chAmber for neutron lifetime measurement -- LINA"
Ken-ichi Okumura,
"TeV scale mirage mediation in NMSSM and precision Higgs measurement"
Kei Hagimoto, Tatsuo Kobayashi, Hiroki Makino, Ken-ichi Okumura, Takashi Shimomura,
"Phenomenology of NMSSM in TeV scale mirage mediation"
Hidetoshi Otono,
"New probes for bino dark matter with coannihilation at the LHC"
Felix Sefkow, Andy White, Kiyotomo Kawagoe, Roman Pöschl, José Repond,
"Experimental Tests of Particle Flow Calorimetry"