Activity Report(Vol.9:27/4/2013)

We held the ScienceCafe@Fukuoka Vol.9 at Kyushu in Japan.

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The subject in this time is "Approaching the Theory of Relativity"!

We prepared two sessions in this day. First session is a brief lecture about the theory of relativity by Prof.Hrada. Second session is a talking-time with all participants.

Thanks for coming, everyone!

TV crew came for interviewing. Naoko Hara and Asaka Sakai who is the member of teen idol group "LinQ" also came to the cafe! Soooo cute♡Kawaii♡

First Session

Today's lecturers are Prof.Harada and Associated Prof.Yoshioka!

Prof.Koji Hrada(right) and Associated Prof.Yoshioka(left)

Do you know about the "Theory of Relativity"?

  When you hear the word,"the theory of relativity", you recall the name of great physicist,"Albert Einstein". Surprisingly, he was the staff of a patent office when he published the "Special theory of Relativity". An obscure man exploded the established conception of the time which every noble physicists had believed! And then, he published the "General theory of Relativity" which explain the relationship between the time, the space and the gravity. The great relationship hidden in the universe was unveiled by the only one humankind.

Very roughly speaking, theory of relativity says...

  ・The speed of light is the limit of speed! The speed of light is always constant
   no matter where you are.
  ・The length and the time are NOT absolute thing!
  ・The gravity is the curvature of the space−time.
  ・The light path is curved by strong gravity.
   and so on...

These ideas make us very confused, but they have experimental verification!
In ILC(International Linear Collider), electron and positron are accelerated to near the speed of light. So we must consider about relativistic effects for efficient acceleration.

One participant brought us elementary particle cookies! Electron and positron!
Thank you so much!

Second Session

Talking-time was very exciting!
We discussed about physics regardless of age!

Next event

Next ScienceCafe@Fukuoka will hold on 17 May(Fri)!
Please look forward to next activity report!!