Activity Report (Vol.11:21/6/2013)

We held the ScienceCafe@Fukuoka Vol.11 at Kyushu in Japan!

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Poster Vol.11

 We have approached the mystery of the universe by focusing on the physics and the accelerator experiment in previous sciencecafe. But these are not only way to solve the mystery of the universe. Looking in a telescope? It's sounds good. But going directly to the space is the best way, isn't it? If you want to know about the space, go to the space!
 The subject of this time's sciencecafe is "Let's Go to the Space!".

 More than 50 people came to the cafe! Thank you so much!!

First session

 This day's talk was about the rockets and satellites. We, the researchers of particle physics, can't explain them well. So, we invited Dr.Hirayama who is the specialist about space engineering as lecturer! He is the assistant professor of Space Transportation Systems Engineering Laboratory in Kyushu University.

Lecturer : Dr.Hirayama(right) and Dr.Yoshioka(left)

 Dr.Hirayama always looks very calm but he is like a boy when he talk about rockets. Participants are fascinated by his interesting talk of space engineering.

 Let's review the lecture!

Do you want to go to the space? It costs...

 Of course, everyone want to go to the space. I want to swim in the sapce under zero gravity and look down the beautiful earth. But the space travel is unattainable object for ordinary person. To begin with, we don't know how much it will cost. Perhaps, it is less expensive than we think. Let's ask Dr.Hirayama! How much it will cost to go to the International Space Station?

 Dr.Hirayama "It costs 40 million dollars."

what?,eeexcuse me,Dr.Hira...

 Dr.Hirayama "40 million dollars."

 Unbelievable. 40 million dollars? I can't earn such a big money through all my life. However, the travel which we can experience the state of weightlessness for few minutes costs only 100,000 dollars! Unbelievable...

 OK, I give up going to the space. But, can I send something to the ISS? It is also very excited that my personal belongings are in the ISS. Dr.Hirayama! How much it will cost?

 Dr.Hirayama "10,000 dollars per 1kg."

 Oh, so cheap! No,no,no! 10,000 dollars!!?
 Why so expensive? The main reason is the fuel. Almost all structures of rockets are spent for fuel tank space. The space for payload are very very small. Moreover, most rockets can be used only one flight. These facts make the space trip so expensive.

Let's go to the space!

 By the way, how fast do rockets fly?
 Balls must fall to the ground by the gravity even if they are thrown very fast. How fast speed do we need to let balls go around the earth without falling as we see in manga? Please tell me, Mr.Hirayama!

 Dr.Hirayama "About 8km/s, 28400km an hour."

 This speed is called "first cosmic velocity". Rockets must fall to the ground without this velocity.

 How do rockets get such a big velocity? There are several means for acceralating. The main stream is using liquid fuels for the propellant. That makes propulsive force by deflagrating with oxidizing agents.
 Liquid fuels have several kinds, liquid hydrogen, petroleum fuel and Hydrazine. Each one has different flame colors. Liquid hydrogen is transparency, petroleum fuel is orange, hydrazine is purple.

Making an artifical satellite!

 Next topic is satellites!
 There are so many kind of satellites for various purposes! We, Kyushu University, are making a satellites called "IDEA" for monitoring sapce debris!That's very fantastic project!! The web site of this project is HERE!

Image of the IDEA
(From Kyushu Univ. Faculty of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Space Systems and Dynamics Lab.)

Second Session

 Talking time with all participants!
 Everyone have very strong interests in space engineering. The discussion was quite lively!

Next Event

 Next ScienceCafe@Fukuoka will hold on 19 July(Fri)!
 The subject is "Let's Talk about Universe!".

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